Life Update

Wow, I didn’t even realize how long it has been since I last posted on TSL. The end of summer was crazy busy and began with moving to a new apartment. With my man still in NYC till mid-August, I was stuck with the great pleasure of packing, moving, unpacking and organizing. I haven’t moved in 5 years and even then I don’t recollect to have been such a hassle (I guess one can accumulate way too much stuff in a half of a decade of adult living). After spending countless hours at TJ Maxx bargain shopping and leaving way too much money at Ikea, I can finally said that we are all settled  I love our new place and it feels like home for the first time.
photo (14)
How did my slim lifestyle survive during this hectic time? It’s hanging there. I had very little time to go to the gym lately (honestly, very little willingness for the most part) and pizza sneaked into my diet maybe a little too often but I still stayed conscious of my food intake and activity level.
Last Saturday morning my man and I went to a local fresh market to pick up some real tomatoes. You know, the kind that actually has a smell and a taste of a tomato. They are absolutely delicious and most definitely worth an 8a.m. trip. After breakfast and a must-have morning espresso, we felt adventurous and decided to make a trip to the ZOO. It didn’t feel like much, but 3 hours of walking in 90-degree weather was a great exercise. My legs were definitely sore the next day. We got home exhausted, made some salmon and veggies on the grill and called it a night.
Sunday was supposed to be rather uneventful. My man had a bunch of things to do and I just wanted to relax, organize my closet and read all day. That was the plan until I came up with a brilliant idea to go look at puppies. We talked about getting a dog for quite some time but never really fully committed to actually seriously looking for one. Long story short, a couple of hours later we arrived back home with Barney – a 12-week-old Golden Doodle who now makes sure that mommy stays active ALL THE TIME.

photo (13)

Barney’s way of recommitting me to the slim lifestyle – making me run around with a pooper scooper as soon as I get home from work. He’s the most precious little brat ever and, although he needs attention 24/7, I wouldn’t trade him in for anything, not even a full-night of sleep.
So that’s a little updated on why I have been MIA lately but I promise I will get pack on posting track.




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