There are foods that are off limits

So you made up your mind – starting on Monday you will be working on a new slim, healthy, beautiful you. You make a list of exercises you want to try out, tell your friends that, from now on, happy hour will be celebrated with celery sticks and announce to your mom that you no longer will be liking that chocolate cake of hers because she’s trying kill you with all that Crisco icing (hello trans-fats). You can just picture yourself skinnier and more toned feeling amazingly well but then you start thinking… but what about margaritas, late night pizza, Ben and Jerry’s and bagels? You don’t have a problem with working out although it sucks, but giving up some foods like FOREVER?
“Eh”, you think, “it won’t be that bad”- “I will treat myself on Friday or work off half-priced martinis the next morning…”
And that’s how it begins – a plan that’s bound to fail.
So the question is: are some foods off limits? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. Before you shout out “hell no” and start pouting, let’s talk about off-limits foods. They are not labeled with “I’ll make you fat” because chances are they won’t if you eat them in moderation. So why not eat them? Simply because they are terrible for your overall well-being. I know treat yourself is one of the most awesome rules invented but there is no reason why you should treat yourself with: Twinkies, little Debbie’s cookies, mini donuts, a bag potato chips, a bowl of apple jacks or Wendy’s frosty. Yes, you shouldn’t feel deprived only because you want to be slimmer and healthier that’s why you should educate yourself why those highly processed foods are terrible for you so you no longer crave them. I know, it’s easier said than done. I can tell you all about what I’ve read on processed foods and food science that goes into inventing all of those lab-made products that have really nothing to do with nutrition. However, in order to truly comprehend why you shouldn’t miss them, you need to learn it yourself. Think about processed food as your horrible ex-boyfriend. Yes, you miss him at first, although your friends keep telling you what an a-hole he was. But the more you think about it, the more you realize that you no longer need him to be happy. Replace the toxic relationship with processed foods with the brand new fresh one, like fruits and vegetables. It will make you more energetic, healthier and slimmer – the goal that you decided to start going for this coming Monday. Don’t let the good memories of a bad relationship cloud the whole picture. You will love your new habits.




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