A Slim Announcement

Since it’s already November, I think it is the perfect time to start a new routine. I will be posting a quick healthy tip on my blog every day until December so feel free to leave me comments with topic suggestions!sugar

If you are to follow only 1 weight-management advice, this one should be your choice. But I am not talking stricktly candy – I mean sweetened yogurts, sodas, pastry and any foods with the magic “sugar” on the list of ingredients. Next time when you’re at the grocery store shopping for pasta sauce, look what it is made of.
90% of sauces that you can find on the shelves have sugar as an ingredient. The sad thing is that in order to beat the system and make your spaghetti without unnecessary sugar, you will have to fork out about 7 or 8 dollars. It is a little bit too much to enjoy dinner semi-guilt-free, me thinks. If you want to indulge in pasta once in a while (insert a whole grain reminder here!!!), try making your own sauce. It will be equally delish and at least you have control over what is in it.



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