A Slim Announcement

Since it’s already November, I think it is the perfect time to start a new routine. I will be posting a quick healthy tip on my blog every day until December so feel free to leave me comments with topic suggestions!sugar

If you are to follow only 1 weight-management advice, this one should be your choice. But I am not talking stricktly candy – I mean sweetened yogurts, sodas, pastry and any foods with the magic “sugar” on the list of ingredients. Next time when you’re at the grocery store shopping for pasta sauce, look what it is made of.
90% of sauces that you can find on the shelves have sugar as an ingredient. The sad thing is that in order to beat the system and make your spaghetti without unnecessary sugar, you will have to fork out about 7 or 8 dollars. It is a little bit too much to enjoy dinner semi-guilt-free, me thinks. If you want to indulge in pasta once in a while (insert a whole grain reminder here!!!), try making your own sauce. It will be equally delish and at least you have control over what is in it.



Organized Weekend

It’s finally Saturday – my sleep-in day. Although I usually cannot wait for the weekend to begin, it always surprises me and by the time I have a chance to fully enjoy it, it’s gone. Staying in bed until 11 mindlessly browsing the web or watching TV – not the most productive/relaxing things to do. That’s why I try to make a weekend plan to squeeze the most out of my 2 days off work.

I love  making a list of things that I have to/would like to do after I get off work on Friday. That way I have something to look forward to and it gives me a sense of control over my free time.

That’s another thing- if I don’t plan my time off, I waste it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with doing absolutely nothing from time to time, but I do feel much better when I am being productive on the weekends.

Schedule a work-out

I’m always tempted to skip exercising on the weekends. Why? Because I worked so hard for 5 days, so I deserve a day off. Right? Well, not really hun. You worked so hard you deserve a glass of wine not a just-stay-in-my-pjs-the-whole-day kind of reward. Go to the gym in the morning. Do a 15-min sprint followed by some yoga poses or strength training. That way you will feel energized and productive since the very beginning on the weekend. Woke up late and didn’t feel like hitting a gym? Organize your closet! Or go to the mall (just make sure to park a little bit further way from the entrance). Basically, keep on moving. I have had my lazy bum days when I stay at home watching TV and browsing the net until I finally fell asleep out of boredom. Let me tell you – there’s nothing relaxing and soothing about being bored/unproductive. Lazy weekends don’t get you bumped up for the following work week. They just make you feel blah. No one wants to feel blah.

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Go grocery shopping

If you’re a foodie like me that should get you super excited. Is it lame to look forward to grocery shopping? Oh well, who cares. Bring a list with things you need to buy so, even if you end up buying more than you wanted (Hello Arctic Zero), you will still get everything you planed on getting. Grab your coffee and head to your local store.


Treat yourself to your favorite “lazy” activity

It can be whatever you love doing that is not considered productive. Give yourself 2 hours out of your Saturday or Sunday and enjoy being just lazy. But give yourself a time frame. Otherwise, you will stay in an unproductive mood for the rest of the weekend.

Happy Saturday!