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Downsize your plate
When you try to manage your weight by using a portion-control method, nothing looks sadder than a tiny piece of chicken with broccoli on a huge plate. “How is this supposed to fill me up,” you’re thinking to yourself. Although your belly will be more than happy with the amount of food it will receive, your mind is about scream: “Hell NO!” Upgrading or rather downgrading to a smaller plate will make your brain satisfied too. A lot of people eat “with their eyes” first and having a full plate, regardless the size, mentally satisfies their hunger.



Let’s talk nuts

I love healthy grocery finds and today I picked up these little guys:


Let me tell you – they are phenomenal; slightly sweet with a potent flavor of coffee. I just couldn’t resist. There is, however, one downside – I can’t put them away! One serving (approximately 24 nuts) is only 160 calories. It sounds like a perfect work snack if you stick to small portions. So remember to count your nuts!